Health Check/Audit


I can audit all your transport related management systems to ensure legal compliance and efficient vehicle operation and one service I offer is a health check to cover all requirements of the Traffic Commissioner and DVSA including the following:

  • Tachographs, both analogue and digital; check procedures and give guidance on proper systems and analysis and advise on current regulations as required
  • Working Time Directive (WTD) systems guidance, particularly now that DVSA are taking action against non-compliance
  • A check on all aspects of your maintenance systems and documents and advice on compliant defect reporting, safety inspections and calibrations
  • Ensuring that your Operator Licence is up to date in all areas including operating centres
  • For all of the above, the installation of compliant systems and procedures where none exist or the update and upgrade of current systems that may be out of date
  • Help to understand, manage and lower your Operator Compliance Risk Score
  • Driving licence checks and compliance and guidance on driver CPC requirements
  • Assistance with safe loading and prevention of overloading, STGO and ADR regs as required
  • I will give clear advice and a written report highlighting any areas of concern, and offer recommendations and advise on how to improve on the current situation .  I will also supply any relevant spreadsheets, booklets and locations for paperwork as required

 All in complete confidence   Please call me with your requirements