Transport Consultancy Services

Health Check/Audit

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Operator Licensing

Advice and assistance for prospective new operators on becoming a licensed transport contractor, own account operator or owner driver from before application, including the necessary forms and paperwork, through to acquiring a licence and beyond.  I can help with all levels of licence, restricted, national or international.

Assistance with changes to a current operator licence including environmental advice on operating centres, adding or removing vehicles, changes of legal entity and CPC management.

Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry (PI)

Have you been informed by DVSA or the Traffic Commissioner that you may be called to PI?  Don’t worry and contact me as early as possible – I can help you with any issues identified and will put you in the best possible position to defend your licence by assisting you with putting compliant and robust systems in place, helping you and your staff as required.  I can also assess and advise on evidence and arrange representation.

The Traffic Commissioner must take into account any improvements or changes you make right up to the actual inquiry so it’s never too late.

Tachograph Analysis

Tachograph regulations can be complicated and difficult to keep on top of - I can undertake analysis of your digital and analogue tachographs and supply a written report. I will clearly explain any infringements to you, and issue letters and speak to your drivers if required.

I can also undertake downloading of your digital tachograph driver cards and vehicle units or assist with putting your own system in place.

Working Time Directive (WTD) Compliance

A compliant WTD system is essential, particularly now that DVSA and the Traffic Commissioners are taking action against non compliance.  I can help you understand the rules and put simple record keeping systems in place or simply undertake all you are required to do on your behalf.

Fixed Penalties or Investigation

Have you or one of your drivers received a graduated fixed penalty notice from VOSA or the Police at the roadside?  You have up to 28 days before you have to pay so call me now for advice on how to potentially mitigate the notice.

Are DVSA or the Police investigating you for transport related matters?  Call me to find out how I can help you.


I provide training for management and drivers in tachographs and working time directive requirements.  Please note this is not driver CPC training but I can advise you on driver CPC requirements and also direct you towards quality training.

Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)

OCRS is used at the roadside by DVSA examiners to identify which vehicles should be checked using a device known as the MCD or mobile compliance device into which they will key your registration number or operator licence information. OCRS will display information about the relevant operator, including OCRS scores. The scores will be shown as red, amber or green and as a numeric value of 0 to 10. DVSA may also use the data to prioritise investigations of those operators most likely to be operating outside the law.

Do you know your rating?  Are you rated by DVSA as red or amber and wondering how to become green?  I can help you understand, manage and lower your score

Other Specialities

  • Horsebox and trailer use
  • Agricultural haulage and licensing
  • Abnormal load movements and STGO rules
  • Dangerous goods (ADR) regulations
  • Load safety requirements
  • Light goods vehicle e.g. Land Rovers, vans etc. tachograph requirements

If your query is not mentioned above, please contact me and I will endeavour to directly help or at least point you in the right direction.  Call me with your requirements and I will be happy to help you.